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Need car insurance now, for a short period only?

If you need car insurance for no more than one day at short notice, you should not have any problem at all provided that you are over 18, have held a full driving licence for at least a year and have access to a smart phone, Kindle or other Internet enabled device. You can buy a policy within just a few short minutes, paying for it by credit or debit card, and have comprehensive cover for a wide range of popular vehicles in the UK. It does not matter whether you own the car to be insured or not. This is absolutely ideal if you are picking up a car you have just bought, test driving one that you are thinking of buying or even just driving one of your mates home in his own car if he's having a drink or two.

As a driver you will be expected to have a reasonable driving record but the odd accident or conviction would not necessarily disqualify you. The car would have to be British registered, unmodified, taxed and MOT'd and be on the insurers 'approved list; this includes most popular cars in Britain. Whether or not you would qualify of course is very easy to check; just apply for a quote (this should only take a minute also) for confirmation.

Short-term car insurance like this has very quickly become one of the most popular products on the Internet with over a million satisfied customers which is extraordinary considering that only a couple of years ago many people didn't even know that it existed. At a time when police forces throughout the country are putting a huge amount of effort into catching uninsured drivers it is all the more important to ensure that your driving licence is as safe as possible so why not get a quote now.

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